About Us

Beth Donnelly: Personal Trainer and Healthy Lifestyle Muse

I like to consider myself a Health and Lifestyle Strategist (think personal trainer meets nutritionist meets healthy lifestyle muse) providing an integrative and functional approach to health through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle change.

After seventeen years of climbing the corporate ladder I launched my first business, The Regal Fig, in 2010 in order to pursue my passion for food, a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living. Working initially as a personal chef, I specialized in “clean food”, creating diets to support individuals with chronic and life threatening disease as well as busy individuals and families wanting to eat “healthy”. I LOVE being in the kitchen, knowing that the meals I created built strong healthy bodies, but I realized that “just” preparing meals wasn’t enough to effect lasting change and happiness. So after three and a half years of intense study of nutrition, a Masters in Nutrition and Integrative Health and multiple certifications in fitness, empowering others to make sustainable changes in which to redefine not only their health but also a more fulfilling life became the goal. Supporting my clients in their journey to live their best life at every stage is my passion!

Why Specialize in Mature Adults

As a personal trainer, I found that my clients were increasingly over the age of 60, less obsessed with bikini season and more focused on basic stability, mobility and strength. This point was further driven home by my own mobility issues and a three year journey to resolve chronic hip pain. Something as simple as getting out of the car was unnecessarily painful and difficult. 

As Americans we spend years planning and saving for retirement but give little thought to contributing to our mobility for later years. As we age we unknowingly lose mobility little by little largely because we've become so sedentary sitting years at a desk or in traffic. So much so that we are stunned when one day when we have the time and money we can't even walk up the stairs without being winded or in pain much less run around with grandchildren.  

Why Us

At Sarara Fit we realize that  mature adults  have different needs and wants when it comes to fitness. Together with our experienced trainers, our clients establish appropriate and meaningful goals, a plan to achieve those goals and draw on functional movement principles to continue to live their best life. We look forward to supporting you and/or your loved ones in their fitness journey.